1/4 Inch Rachet Wrench

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1. Applicable to factories, production lines, maintenance workshops, car repair plants, 4S, personal car modification.
2. 100% CR-V, Professional tools.
3. 72 toothed disc, rotating only 5 degrees, keeping the space narrow, more convenient.
4. Chrome plated surface, rust, wear resistance, general hardening, only for more professional.
5. With fast cutting function, the hanger is more reliable and avoids the wear of socket head, and easy to fall into the maintenance space.
6. Two-color rubber handle, humanized design, anti-skid, shock absorber, reduce working intensity.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Size(Length): Approx. 85 mm, 100 mm (Optional)
Weight: Approx. 58-72 g