21 Inch Solid Wood Ukulele

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Easy to play, install or set up; stable, durable and flexible, Made of higth quality solid wood; easy to repair and maintain.

  • Ukulele has elegant tone, easy to learn, with very rich tone and expression.
  • Not only express euphemistic and moving murmur, but also express the majestic and heroic spirit, let a number of people dream.
  • Touch the strings, you will be full of youthful breath, like being in nature.
  • The light melody, playing the relaxing music, can express the joy and sorrow, and can cultivate the solemn and graceful charm of temperament.
  • The natural and unrestrained playing can add personal charm, which is deeply loved by the youth.
Condition: Brand New
Material: Solid Wood
Color: Red, Purple (Optional)
Size: Approx. 54 * 17 * 6 cm / 21.3 * 6.7 * 2.4 in
Weight: Approx. 625g