Anti-Dog Barking Dog Training bark Stopper Electric Shock Dog Training Training bark Stop Barking Electric Shock Collar

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  • Good effect: Quickly make your dog form a conditioned reflex, realize that the discomfort of your dog's barking will bring it, let you say goodbye to the problem of disturbing the people, and make your dog more clever.
  • Safe enough: the humanized intelligent design is adopted, and the electric shock intensity is 10-12V safe voltage, which will not harm the dog’s body.
  • Easy to operate: single button, easy and convenient, with three multi-function combinations of vibration, electric shock and sound.
  • No pressure: small size, light weight, only 45g body weight, pets are very easy to wear.
  • Applicable dog breeds: pets that are 2 months old, weigh more than 3 kg, and have a neck circumference of 17-50 cm (such as poodles, teddy, bichon, golden retriever, etc.)


The dog barks three times within 30 seconds to trigger the bark stopper: the product is divided into 7 levels of working mode! After the dog barked continuously, the bark arrester only sounded the warning sound for the first time (level 1) and the second time (level 2). After the third time (level 3), the warning sound was accompanied by an electric shock. At levels 4, 5, 6, and 7, each level emits an electric shock after the warning sound, and each time increases the intensity of the electric shock. In this way, the level 1-7, after continuous work, the bark stopper will sleep for one minute (the indicator light will blink continuously. In this 1 minute, the dog bark stopper will not work) This is to protect your dog. After 1 minute, the bark stopper restarted to work.