Rainbow Opaline Love Ring

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This magnificent "Love" Ring in Rainbow Opal will delicately and elegantly dress your pretty fairy fingers.

Commonly referred to as the Claddagh ring in Irish lore, it symbolizes love for the heart, friendship for the hands and loyalty for the crown.

The marriage of the colors of the black gold ring, the cubic zirconia as well as the Rainbow Opaline, gives this ring an originality and an undeniable beauty.

Opaline is formed from a lovely heart that inspires love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness. In the reflection of the sun, a wonderful luminous reflection appears on the faces of this stone.

At the top of the heart, a cubic zirconia stone shines like a spark and embellishes the sparkle of this ring.

Its steel ring has a thick layer of quality black gold, which has been heat-applied to its metal base. This type of process allows this jewel to obtain all the main characteristics of solid gold jewelery.

This ring is extremely durable: it can last a lifetime if you care for it. To clean it, just use water and mild soap.


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Materials: Black gold, cubic zirconia, Arc-en-Ciel Opaline
Stone size: 5 x 5 mm
Ring width: 4.5 mm
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