"Aquamarine Purity" Ring

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This "Aquamarine Purity" Ring will delight all those who love elegant jewelry and the blue color, in particular that of Aquamarine.

This blue is the symbol of truth, peace, calm, serenity, freshness and sensitivity. It will remind you of the infinity of sky, water, sea and air. It represents the ideas of the marvelous, of freedom, of dreams and of youth. She is a pure color.

The marriage of blue and black gold gives this ring an originality and undeniable beauty.

Its steel ring has a thick layer of quality black gold, which has been heat-applied to its metal base. This type of process allows this jewel to obtain all the main characteristics of solid gold jewelery.


Characteristics :

Materials: 10 KT black gold plated, cubic zirconia
Weight: 7g
Stone size: 7 x 7 mm
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