Black Braided Punk Men's Leather Bracelet

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Sophisticated, stylish, masculine! The Black Braided Punk Men’s Leather Bracelet is an all-round wrist accessory that will take you fashion sensibility to the next level!

Made of genuine leather, plus microfiber leather, this bracelet looks simply elegant. Weaved or braided by meticulous hands, it is a wrist accessory that is aesthetically appealing. It’s equipped with a stainless-steel magnetic buckle that’s well-integrated into the design.

The braided leather is either in brown or black. Brown and black are subtle, dark colors that are often associated with masculine qualities. The stylish metal closure comes in silver, gun black, shiny black, matte black options. Because of the color variations, you can have a two-toned piece or a monochromatic one. The choice is yours!

Since top-grade materials are used, rest assured that this bracelet is able to withstand wear and tear for a very long time. What’s more, these materials are skin-safe; hence it’s a bracelet great for extended use. Sold in three different sizes, you’re in luck! The sizes are 7.28”, 8.07”, and 8.66”.

To check which one fits your wrist, measure its girth with a measuring tape. Wrap the tape around your wrist and see the number that overlaps with zero because that’s your wrist size. Add an allowance of two to three inches for a comfortable fit.

A bracelet that will look great with your casual outfit, smart-casual attire, or work suits, it’s a piece of accessory that lets you be yourself! Fashion is about being authentic, so express yourself with this handsome Black Braided Punk Men’s Leather Bracelet.

If you’re into punk or rock music, show off your cool choice of music with this bracelet. It’s edgy and definitely makes a statement. Get the look of a rock star ready to take the center stage! Buy the Black Braided Punk Men's Leather Bracelet!

Color Black, Brown
Materials Genuine Leather, Microfiber Leather, Stainless Steel
Length 7.28 inches, 8.07 inches, 8.66 inches
Design and Style Braided leather bracelet with sophisticated closure