Bracelet 7 Chakras

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Attention, our 7 Chakras Bracelet "Healing & Love" is composed exclusively of natural stones of very high vibratory quality.

Do you have the impression that your chakras are out of balance?

Our New 7 Chakra Bracelet "Healing & Love" restores and balances the vibration of your 7 chakras to help you regain perfect emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.

It is a perfect gift for anyone who is spiritual or practicing Yoga or meditation.

The 7 natural stones used have been specially selected for their powerful effect on each chakra: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst.

Wear this bracelet and you will feel a sense of balance and inner peace come over you.

Characteristics :

Not sold in store
Length: approx. 18 cm
Suitable for both men and women
Diameter of pearls: 10 mm
Balances the 7 chakras of the body