Pineapple Bracelet

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"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget"

Mark your friendship and express to your friend your deepest feelings of affection, with these Pineapple Bracelets in Natural Stones.

These original bracelets have a sparkling pearl representing a magnificent Pineapple.

Pineapples symbolize warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. Wear these Pineapple Bracelets with someone with whom you have a strong friendship, family bond or very important relationship!

These bracelets are available in White Howlite and Onyx.

Howlite White is an anchor stone that promotes patience, reduces anger and strengthens positive characteristics.

Howlite beads effectively prepare the mind to welcome wisdom and insight. They are useful for meditation and to improve sleep, they allow for reasoned communication and they strengthen memory.

Onyx is an earthy rooting stone that helps balance the Root Chakra. By its action, you will feel stable and in full control of yourself. Difficult situations will have less impact on you and you will no longer experience a period of intense stress because you will be able to remain stable at all times.

The Onyx will make you master of your future because you will act now from a feeling of security and control.


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Semi-precious stones: White Howlite, Black Onyx
Materials: Zinc alloy, rhinestone
Length: One size fits all, elastic, 16 to 19cm