Double "Tree of Life" Bracelet in Turquoise Howlite

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The Tree of Life symbolizes the force of life. It loses its foliage in winter, but it finds it again each spring, ensuring the cycle of death-resurrection, symbol of regeneration and immortality.

By plunging its roots into the earth and growing its foliage towards the sky, it unites the material and spiritual worlds, ensuring the balance of life.

The Tree of Life symbolizes evolution from the same ancestral root. Its roots are synonymous with respect for elders (parents, grandparents and ancestors).

It symbolizes the unique source of life: humans, animals, plants and inert matter come from the same spark of life.

The Turquoise color corresponds to the Throat Chakra. It symbolizes fluidity, water, transformation, evolution and renewal, regeneration, elimination and purification.

Howlite Turquoise is a stabilizing stone. It helps to clarify and establish consistency between feelings, it gives a sense of responsibility and helps allay fears.


Characteristics :

Bracelets length: 19 cm
Materials: Howlite Turquoise
Metals: Zinc alloy