"Bian Shi" Healing Stone Bracelet - 4 styles available

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For thousands of years, the Chinese have used special stones to treat pain and disease. These stones bear the Chinese name "Bian shi".

They are still used today in traditional Chinese hospitals, in particular to stimulate acupuncture points, which has earned them the nickname "needle stone".

The laboratories of the Academy of Sciences, Nuclear Technology, Bureau of Seismology and Beijing University of Traditional Medicine have achieved spectacular results after three years of researching the physical characteristics of Bian Shi stones.

5 points should be emphasized:

Chemical analysis of these stones shows that they contain more than 30 chemical elements such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K and Na which are beneficial and necessary for humans.
When these stones come into contact with the skin, they create infrared radiation at frequencies of the order of 7-20 micrometers, which has a therapeutic effect (Infra-thermotherapy).
The stones create high frequency ultrasonic pulses which are beneficial to the human body. When in contact with the skin, these ultrasonic pulses average 3,708 Hz.
When a person comes into contact with these stones, a change in their microcirculation can be observed: the speed of blood in the capillaries is accelerated, which can relieve pain, improve drainage and detoxify the body (reduction of metals heavy and cellulite) and cleanse the skin thoroughly.
Infrared thermal imaging tests show that once this stone is placed near a person, infrared thermal balances are stabilized.
This Bian Shi Stone bracelet is available in 4 styles
It is elastic to fit any wrist

Characteristics :

Materials: Bian Shi
Length: about 18-19cm