Bracelet "Force of the Voice" in Aquamarine

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Diamètre des perles

Soft and soothing in color, this "Force of the Voice" Bracelet in Aquamarine is particularly appreciated by people who wish to promote their ability to express themselves.

Linked to the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine is a beneficial stone for studies, communication and courage. It helps the wearer to listen with kindness and to express themselves, both by voice and by their creativity.

It also brings calm, compassion, spiritual awakening, development and reveals its own truth. It facilitates meditation and clairaudience.

It is an excellent stone for people with a profession requiring significant expression (artists, lawyers, magistrates, intermittent entertainment workers, etc.)

This jewel is suitable for both men and women.


Characteristics :

Materials: Aquamarine grade A
Diameter of pearls: 6 mm or 8 mm or 10 mm
Length: 18-19 cm