Tibetan Mala Bracelet with 108 Sandalwood Beads

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This magnificent Mâla bracelet is made up of 108 sandalwood beads of different shades of color. It ends with a lucky eternal knot (Shrivasta in Sanskrit) and 2 small Tibetan symbols in antique silver.

The diameter of the beads is available in 6mm or 8mm.


Characteristics :
Length: about 70 cm (to wrap several times around your wrist or to wear as a necklace)
Diameter of the beads: 6 mm or 8 mm
Material: Sandalwood

What is a "Mâlâ" bracelet?
The mâlâ (japa mala or mâlâ, meaning guirelande) is a Buddhist or Hindu rosary used among other things for the recitation of mantras. It is traditionally composed of 108 seeds or wood beads of various species, sandalwood for example.

During your meditation, take your Mâlâ bracelet in your hands, and count the pearls one by one, each time you recite your mantra. This will help you count the repetitions while staying present.