"Om" Bracelet in Tiger Eye

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This magnificent bracelet is composed of an "Om" pendant and 3 antique silver colored beads + tiger eye beads which emanate a shimmering luminosity due to the reflection of light.

The Tiger's Eye is the main stone of protection, it gives self-confidence and it reflects negative energies like a mirror. It is very useful for people who have difficulty making decisions.


Characteristics :
Length: about 19cm (elastic)
Diameter of the pearls: 8 mm
Diameter of the "Om" pendant: 1.5 cm
Material: Tiger eye

What does the symbol "OM" mean?
Om (or "Aum") is the primordial vibration which is considered to be the most sacred sound of Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago Vedic seers knew what modern science discovered only recently: Everything we see in the universe consists of vibrations of energy - even objects that appear solid. According to tradition, the ancient sages were able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in the universe, and they identified the sound Om as the most basic of creation. In a calm environment, you can hear the Om vibration in the crashing ocean waves, in the silence of the forest, or in a gust of wind.

People have used the mantra Om since ancient times, chanting the sound or repeating it silently during meditation to develop their awareness of the divine.

Although the OM sound is considered a sacred syllable, in India, those of the Hindu faith frequently use the OM sound in everyday life, starting the day, while traveling, or during an activity. The symbol is also present in all Hindu temples and shrines.

In the western world, repeating Om at the start and end of yoga classes is common, and more and more people are using this sound as a mantra for meditation and sacred ceremonies.

The virtues of Tiger's Eye:
The tiger eye is a stone of protection. It pushes away negative waves by reflecting them towards its emitter. It helps to raise awareness of the harm that a malicious person can inflict on those around them.

On the physical level, the tiger eye provides warmth when cooled. Used as an elixir, it strengthens the solar plexus and relieves stomach and intestinal pain which may be caused by stress. The tiger eye calms the nerves and allows better concentration, especially during studies.

On an emotional level, tiger eye helps in emotional unblocking and in fighting depression. It is a stone that brings motivation, perseverance and willpower by chasing away the doubt that can inhabit us. It gives dynamism, encourages relationships with others and stimulates people of weak will and without courage. The tiger eye helps us move forward and evolve.

On a spiritual level, the Tiger's Eye balances yin and yang and charges the emotional body with energy. It can generate a high vibrational state by combining earth energy with solar energy in order to attract spiritual energies to earth.