Pi Xiu "Protection & Fortune" Bracelet in Obsidian and Smoky Quartz

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Attract abundance by vibrating the symbol of fortune "Pi Xiu" and ward off negative energies by wearing 2 of the most powerful stones of protection: Obsidian and Smoky Quartz.

Pi Xiu is an animal from Chinese mythology, it is represented by a dragon, symbol of wealth and fortune. Considered a great protector, he is an auspicious animal, he repels bad luck and keeps bad energies away, especially in traditional Feng Shui.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has very powerful healing properties.

It cleanses any psychic mist that may be created in your aura and is a very strong stone of protection.

It has powerful metaphysical properties that protect you from negativity and stress. It dissolves anger and helps build self-confidence.

It is a stone of "VITALITY" that helps you stay aligned and connect with your soul purpose.

Smoky Quartz is a very powerful protection stone. It calms fears and stress and promotes refocusing and concentration.

It transmutes bad energies and negativity into energy of light and love. It helps materialize ideas and take action.

It allows you to introspect your inner being and to become aware of what animates you positively and negatively. This stone helps to overcome depressive states, it drives away dark thoughts and gloom.

This jewel is suitable for both men and women.


Characteristics :

Materials: Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, cord
Dimensions of the pendant: 25 mm x 20 mm
Diameter of pearls: 8 mm
Length: 15 to 20 cm adjustable