Chakra Jewels Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Let positive energy flow in you and make you feel vibrant and beautiful both inside and out. Take a look at our Chakra Jewels Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet and see how it can add color to your sense of fashion and energy.

Chakra pertains to each of the centers of spiritual power found in the human body, and it is usually considered to be seven in number. To help you open these powerful points in your body, we have this Chakra Jewels Handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet in store for you. This mesmerizing colorful bracelet is made of leather with numerous crystals and hematite beads. The crystal beads resemble the seven colors of the rainbow which also happens to be the colors of the seven chakra points. To make this exquisite accessory stand out, small sparkly and shiny hematite beads are laid out alternately after each set of seven colors.

As soon as Hematite crystal beads touch the skin, you'll feel more centered and calm with its intense but subtle vibrations. This lovely bracelet can be wrapped around the wrist three times as it has a total length of 20 inches. To make it more adjustable, there is an extension cord that measures 4.7 inches and is found on one end. On the other opposite end is a sterling silver button closure.

If you're the type of person who enjoys looking at vibrant colors, you might find it hard to take your eyes off of this tantalizing bracelet. The same effect may apply to people who will see you wearing this. Share the gift of positive energy and good vibes by giving this away as a gift to your family and loved ones.

More than just a pretty accessory, this bracelet can also help you stay focused and calm, so wait no more, and add this to your cart now!

Color Multi-color
Materials Leather / Crystal / Hematite
Length 20 inches + 4.7 inches extension
Design and Style Wrap bracelet with rainbow colored beads and hematite beads