Cherub WRW-206 Drummer Metronome With Loop Function for Drum Rhythm Practice

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  • Specifications:
    Model: WRW-206
    Name: Drum trainer
    Use for: Drum/guitar/bass/keyboard
    Rhythm: 1~8 1+1~8+8
    Loop time: 1~99
    Tempo: 30~250BPM
    Size: 120mm*36mm*160mm
    Power: 9V(6F22 battery or DC adapter)
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    2. Easy to operate user-friendly intrface.
    3. Multiple metronome sounds.
    4. One group of drum-set sounds.
    5. Mixing function, allowing you to create original rhythm styles.
    6. Loop play function, allows you to set your own rhythm styles and to play them for a specified number of times.
    7. Amp simulator.
    8. Store user settings in memory.
    9. 0 presets.