Chunky Luxurious Gold Bracelet

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Make a bold, loud fashion statement everywhere you go with our Chunky Luxurious Gold Bracelet! The design of this trinket is one of a kind and is for those who genuinely love attention and being the best dressed in the bunch. Nothing says 'fashionista' more than this unique and very striking ornament.

Made with only premium quality stainless steel, this piece is elegant and classy, appropriate for a good number of occasions. The chain is made with gold plated steel, so you will shine bright whenever you include this in your ensemble.

This material is hypoallergenic and body safe, so you are sure to be protected from harmful chemicals.

You can wear anything, from a simple t-shirt to a more formal suit. Whatever you choose to wear, with this lovely trinket in your hand, you will give a lasting impression wherever you go.

We also included a lobster clasp for its lock to make wearing this trinket easier. It will also secure the trinket on your wrist and make sure you will not lose this ornament wherever you go.

Share this with your friend, your lover, your Dad; no occasion is needed to show them you care! This trinket has that classic yet very stylish look to fit a lot of personalities.

Of course, it is essential to take good care of this bracelet to preserve its beauty and radiance. Do not wear this when you plan to do vigorous exercises. Remove this trinket when you go for a dip in the pool or when you work out.

When you need to clean this ornament, you can wipe it with a clean cloth, taking time to clean out the crevices.

Grab this trinket now and make a fashion moment wherever you go!

Color Gold
Materials Stainless steel(gold plated)
Length 9 inches
Design and Style Gold plated, chunky bracelet with lobster clasps