Necklace and Pendant "Angel's Wing" in Natural Stones - 8 stones available

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This "Angel's Wing" Necklace and Pendant in Natural Stones is a hymn to the angelic world that surrounds us. Each pendant is made from natural stones with energetic virtues.

This jewel is a surge of faith and confidence in life and in angels and archangels.

Gentle and benevolent, the Angel is a universal symbol of purity and light. He is the messenger between the celestial and terrestrial world. The Angel regularly sends you signs (feathers, mirror hours ...) to guide you or show you his presence.

Several stones are available:

- Amethyst

- Eye of tiger

- Rose Quartz

- Lapis Lazuli

- Black Obsidian

- Green Aventurine

- Stone of the Sun

- Opaline

This jewel is a perfect gift for people who are sweet or who love angels.


Characteristics :

Materials: Natural stones, copper
Dimensions of the pendant: 4.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.6 cm
Necklace length: 45cm