Handmade "Tree of Life" Necklace in Semi-Precious Stones

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Wear this beautiful Handmade "Tree of Life" Necklace around your neck and let your heart resonate with one of these 7 beautiful natural stones:

Amethyst (Purple Pendant) promotes spiritual upliftment, concentration and meditation.
Rose Quartz brings comfort, it radiates Love, tenderness and allows a connection with Universal Love.
Aventurine (Green pendant) brings prosperity and protection. It encourages people to move forward, to make decisions. It stabilizes the state of mind and increases creativity.
Opaline (Luminous White Pendant) radiates love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness.
Red Jasper brings a feeling of security. It helps to have confidence in life, to love it, to live the present moment without fear and to assert oneself through action.
Labradorite (Green pendant) is an excellent stone of protection that should be worn by all those who take care of others because it avoids absorbing their problems. It also strengthens magnetism by activating the hand chakra.
The Tiger's Eye (Brown-gold pendant) protects you by reflecting the negative towards its emitter. It clarifies your intentions and improves your willpower in order to help you materialize your desires.
Turquoise (Howlite Turquoise): Howlite is a stabilizing stone. It helps to clarify and establish consistency between feelings, it gives a sense of responsibility and helps allay fears. The Turquoise color corresponds to the Throat Chakra. It symbolizes fluidity, water, transformation, evolution and renewal, regeneration, elimination and purification.
Unakite is a stone that allows you to overcome the blockages that you impose on yourself. It is beneficial to emotions and allows you to evolve by following your heart. It helps overcome grief and is effective in enjoying the present moment while accepting past experiences.
Landscape Jasper: it symbolizes perseverance, vivacity of the spirit, patience and a sense of the concrete. It will facilitate the release of your inner sufferings and help you to let go. He is also known to facilitate changes at the professional level.
A Tree of Life is set on the stone, made with tarnished antique copper wire.

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Pendant dimensions: 4.3 x 3.1 cm
Chain length: 45cm
Weight: 20g