Necklace and Pendant "Key of Dreams" in Amethyst

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This Necklace and Pendant "Key to Dreams" in Amethyst will magnify your cleavage with elegance and purity.

The Key is the symbol of openness and understanding. It allows to open what is closed and hidden, and thus discover the truth, understand the mysteries and acquire knowledge. It opens the doors to a new dimension.

Amethyst enables spiritual evolution and divine connection. It has properties of purifying the aura of the wearer, allowing him to be more open-minded.

The "Key to Dreams" will help you interpret the messages sent by the universe.


Characteristics :

Materials: Natural Amethyst, Silver 925, Rose Gold Plated, Cubic Zirconia
Amethyst dimensions: 6 x 4 mm
Pendant length: 3cm
Necklace length: 40cm
Pendant weight: 1.3 g