Necklace "Secret Flask" in Natural Stone - 3 models available

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Wear a piece of jewelry like no other! A jewel with beneficial properties that carries the essence of your perfume or your favorite essential oil in a secret vial!

All you have to do is open the cap (round pearl of the pendant) and add a few drops of your favorite perfume to the flask using the pipette.

This jewel exists in 3 different stones with distinct properties:

-Amazonite: it is a soothing stone. It promotes a feeling of inner peace and balance. She has powerful energy, she is able to tame and calm negativity and anger. This stone encourages truth, courage and self-discovery.

-Lapis Lazuli: it is an excellent stone for shy people because it will greatly facilitate their expression, it will help them to think freely and to regain self-confidence. It helps to promote the development of our clairvoyance capacities. This stone has excellent intuitive and visionary power.

-Blue Calcedony: linked to the Throat Chakra, this stone promotes communication. It absorbs negative feelings. It calms the mind and thoughts, it helps to express them in a clear and fluid way.


Characteristics :

Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Blue Chalcedony, Stainless Steel
Pendant dimensions: random
Necklace length: about 68cm