Necklace "Message from the Universe" in 925 Silver

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Wear and vibrate the symbol that inspires you the most: the Angel, Infinite Love, the opening of the Heart, the Mermaid.

Gentle and benevolent, the Angel is a universal symbol of purity and light. He is the messenger between the celestial and terrestrial world.

The Infinity sign is the symbol of Eternal Love, Endless Love and Eternity.

The Key to the Heart is the symbol of the opening of the heart, the opening to love.

The Mermaid, divinity of the Sea, represents pleasure, fertility and charm.


Characteristics :

Materials: 925 silver, zircon
Dimensions of the pendant: Angel: 2.1 cm x 1.7 cm / Heart opening: 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm / Infinite Love: 0.9 cm x 2.6 cm / Mermaid: 2.1 cm x 0.7 cm
Length: 45cm