Rainbow Obsidian Necklace "Celestial Eye"

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Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has powerful healing properties.

It cleanses the psychic fog created in your aura and it is a strong psychic stone of protection.

It has powerful metaphysical properties that protect you from negativity and stress.

It is a stone of "VITALITY" that helps you stay aligned and connect with your soul purpose.

Do you know the Rainbow Obsidian?
The Rainbow Obsidian, also called "Celestial Eye", is a very particular variety of Obsidian which is perfectly suited for any esoteric and therapeutic work. It helps to get out of any difficult situation.

It is a very good anchor stone which allows during meditation to connect to one's deep self. It is a stone of introspection and connection to the Divine.

The Rainbow Obsidian is distinguished from the Black Obsidian by its successive layers of different colors that can appear when making a sphere.

Only experienced craftsmen know how to cut this stone in the perfect angle, which reveals one or two eyes, hence its name, Celestial Eye.

Wear this Rainbow Obsidian "Celestial Eye" Necklace to protect yourself from malignant energies and to help keep your thoughts positive.

Adjustable braided necklace
Pendant diameter: 16 mm
Length: 48 to 58 cm