Necklace "Divine Turtle"

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This "Divine Turtle" Necklace will appeal to all those who love turtles and / or their symbolism.

Although the Turtle is synonymous with wisdom and slowness in Western countries, it is extraordinarily fast and agile in water. She knows how to adapt perfectly to her environment, terrestrial or aquatic, while keeping her balance. Its slowness makes it possible to take careful note of its environment and thus, to make a fair and balanced decision. It symbolizes the way of peace and harmony.

The Turtle represents:

A symbol of the world, of the Earth
The ability to remain calm in all circumstances
Slow down, take your time
Determination, perseverance
Emotional stability
The connection with ancient wisdom
Considered a Totem animal, the Turtle is a savior and a guide. Summoning and visualizing the Turtle during your meditations will allow you to protect yourself from attacks that annoy you thanks to its powerful shell. You will feel protected, comforted and secure.


Characteristics :

Materials: cord, resin
Dimensions: approximately 2.8 x 3.8cm
Length: about 88cm