Dual Layer Turkish Punk Evil Eye Bracelet

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Bad omens are everywhere, so why not protect yourself from these elements by wearing our Dual Layer Turkish Punk Evil Eye Bracelet? It's the perfect way to give yourself protection as it does not only ward off evil spirits, but it also amps up your style.

The Turkish Punk Evil Eye Bracelet looks marvelous from Point A to Point B. This captivating steampunk accessory features three leather chains. The first chain is in a braided design. The second chain - on the other hand - is in a simple form as it is where the evil eye pendant and alloy rings are attached.

Towards the end of the bracelet is a T-clasp. This feature secures the bracelet in place. Just hook the T-clasp to the opposite side, and you are good to go.

The Dual Layer Punk Evil Eye Bracelet is the perfect way to style up your casual look. Its multi-layered chain, plus the rings and the pendant, can make your outfit captivating. The best part? This steampunk bracelet is gender-neutral. So, whether you're a guy, a lady, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this bracelet can rock your look!

Keeping the bracelet's charm is essential so that you can use it for a long time. The question is - how do you keep its captivating look? Simple! You need to give it proper care and maintenance.

Wipe the chain with a wet cloth, followed by the dry one to stop the chain from absorbing excessive moisture. Once done, store it in a compartmentalized jewelry box to prevent the outside elements from damaging the bracelet.

Protect yourself from evil omens and amp up your look without going overboard. Grab this Dual Layer Turkish Punk Evil Eye Bracelet now!

Color Black
Materials Pendant/Beads: Zinc Alloy, Evil Eye
Chain: Leather
Length 8.27 inches
Design and Style Multi-layered leather bracelet with two braided chains and one simple strap where metal alloy rings and the evil eye pendant are attached