Ergonomic Office Chair with Wrapping headrest and tilt Limit Device | Adjustable headrest Height | Adjustable Waist Support | Adjustable 3D armrests

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About this item

  • Multifunctional office chair—Wrapping headrest (height adjustable) provides a large rotating space for your head. The curved design can effectively fit the neck, fully support the neck, and relax shoulder and neck muscles. With 3D adjustable armrests, adjustable seat depth, adjustable seat height, and adjustable waist support, this chair can help you find the most ideal sitting position.
  • Bionic-curved backrest--The MOOJIRS chair aims to mimic the back and waist of the human body, so the shape of the backrest is designed according to the natural curve of the human spine. The backrest can naturally fit into the four physiological curves of the spine to provide optimal waist support and maintain proper alignment of the spine, allowing you to maintain a healthy sitting position while working.
  • Dynamic adjustment - In the “free” mode, the tilt angle and elastic output of the backrest can be automatically adjusted to fit users of different body types; In the locking mode, the backrest can be locked at any angle between 90 and 125 degrees, maintaining a healthy balance between support and freedom.
  • Mesh design – The the backrest is covered by 4D mesh (with excellent air permeability and elasticity), which can fit tightly to your body at any time, enlarging the contact area between the chair and the body. While this mesh provides a better sense of wrapping and support, it can also keep your body dry. Compared with traditional chairs, this chair can keep you comfortable and concentrated for a longer time.
  • Excellent quality - Mute carpet casters, high-strength nylon frame, explosion-proof seat base and pneumatic rods ensure the safety and structural stability of the chair.