Ergonomically designed office chair with adjustable headrest and inclination limitation device Aluminum frame / base with standard carpet rolls

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Seven functions - 3D dynamic backrest, 3D adjustable headrest, 4D adjustable armrest, height adjustment of the cushion, depth adjustment of the cushion, height adjustment of the backrest, adjustment of the backward angle lock, its complex ergonomic design reacts immediately to your body, your movement and posture, offers natural balance and comprehensive support. (We also design a hanger on the back.)

Precise support - waist, back and shoulders are sensitive areas of the human body. For this reason, we have designed a backrest that consists of three independent areas to specifically support the sensitive areas. - The chair consists of a dynamic surface that responds to the simplest movements in an instant and sets a new standard for pressure distribution, spine arrangement and natural movement.

Dynamic adjustment - Depending on the user of different body types, the angle and the elastic performance of the backrest and the waist rest can be adjusted independently of one another in order to stay close to the body at all times and to expand the contact area between the net and the human body. At the same time, you provide a stronger sense of packaging and support so that you stay focused and comfortable.

Keeping Cool - Removing foam and tissue has solved one of the greatest dilemmas of sitting for a long time: the accumulation of heat and moisture near the body. The 4D mesh cloth allows air, body heat and water vapor to be drained through the seat and backrest to maintain an even and pleasant skin temperature.

Aluminum frame - armrests, cushions, backrests, chassis, feet and other supporting positions are forged by high quality aluminum alloy, which ensures the stability of the chair structure, not deformed, durable. It is easy to install and can be installed with six screws. (Tested by three major quality regulators: BIFMA, SGS, TÜV)