Genuine Real Leather - Cross Bracelets

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Who says you can't show your faith in a stylish way? With our Genuine Real Leather - Cross Bracelets, you can! Not only will this heavenly cool accessory bring you closer to our Savior; it will also amp up your style.

Our Genuine Leather - Cross Bracelets have a simple design. It has a four-layered leather chain, a few beads at the top and bottom straps, an alloy cross pendant at the center strap, and strings that hold the leather strands together and serve as the clasps. This look oozes with charm, making it an ideal accessory to wear when you're in your daily fashion statement. You can still put it on if you're going for a Boho look and you want to add a statement piece. This trinket is the perfect combination of art and devotion all rolled into one!

Since the chain is made from genuine leather, you are guaranteed that you can wear this bracelet for years as long as it is properly maintained. Additionally, it won't cause harm to your skin since this material is hypoallergenic.

Our Real Leather - Cross Bracelets are specially made for men, but it doesn't mean that women can't have them, too! They can still pull this bracelet off while wearing a summer dress top with an oversized see-through blouse. So, regardless of your gender, this bracelet will be a nice touch to add in any ensemble.

Like any other leather stuff, our Leather - Cross Bracelets should also be well maintained to preserve its charm. To do this, you need to keep these bracelets away from water and direct heat. Remove this accessory when doing household chores and other activities. Also, don't put perfume or any grooming products on the bracelet. If you do these things, your leather bracelet will last.

Show your love for Him in a fashionable way. Get these Genuine Real Leather - Cross Bracelets and keep your faith - and your style - alive!

Color Brown
Materials Pendant/beads: Alloy
Chain: Leather
Length 7.07-11.42 inches
Design and Style Leather wrap bracelet with beads and a cross pendant made from alloy