Genuine White Leather Evil Eye Bracelet

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Pulling off an emo look doesn't mean you should always wear black. You can be in a white outfit - like this Genuine White Leather Evil Eye Bracelet! This accessory will rock your look.

The Genuine Leather Evil Eye Bracelet looks impressive. This steampunk bracelet features three leather straps with zinc alloy rings and an evil eye pendant looped together. These features, alone, make this accessory captivating.

However, that's not the only thing that this leather bracelet has to offer. This rustic-designed accessory also features easy snap-on buttons. This type of clasp provides convenience and security. Just snap the button to keep the bracelet on your wrist.

Though this bracelet looks renegade, you can still wear it - even when you are in your white polo and black trousers. This accessory can enhance your semi-formal look.

But if you want to stick to your steampunk style, this bracelet will level up your get-up. The metal rings and the evil eye pendant give your outfit an "oomph" factor that you've always wanted to achieve.

But the best thing about this accessory is that it also serves as a charm bracelet. The evil eye pendant does not only add appeal to the jewel, but it also serves as your shield from bad omens. With this handcrafted accessory, good fortune will follow you everywhere you go.

However, it can only do its purpose if you take good care of it. To do this, you have to pat it with a damp cloth, followed by a dry fabric. Doing so will prevent the chain from absorbing excessive moisture. Also, you have to keep it in an airtight jewelry box. That way, no heat nor wet will damage the bracelet's chain.

Don't be afraid to give your steampunk style a new look. Buy this Genuine White Leather Evil Eye Bracelet and make everyone's jaw dropped by your get-up!

Color White
Materials Pendant/Beads: Zinc Alloy, Evil Eye
Chain: Leather
Length 7.87 inches
Design and Style Multi-layered bracelet with multi-colored zinc alloy rings and a blue evil eye pendant