Gold and Silver Double Layer Men's Leather Bracelet

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You might have already heard the famous line: Once is enough; twice is too much. But when it comes to bracelets, having more than one is never excessive. If wearing two wrist accessories seem appealing to you, then you’ll love our Gold and Silver Double Layer Men's Leather Bracelet.

This is not your ordinary type of jewelry. Any man would love to add this classic and elegant piece to their collection. What’s not to love about them? Two pieces of braided genuine leather make up for the accessory’s bands joined by a 316L stainless steel loop.

But that’s not the only metal piece in this product. Different elements formed in unique shapes are also from the same steel. Both materials used to make this accessory are high-quality. They don’t have any traces of lead and nickel, making them safe to get in contact with the skin, and the metals are also rust-resistant.

The pieces are separated from each other by a rubber spacer. The middle ornament on each band can be either gold or silver, depending on your preference.

The bracelet’s clasp is also made from 316L stainless steel. This locking mechanism only requires a sliding motion, making it easy to put on and simple to take off.

Each braided strap measures about 0.24 inch with a width of 0.48 inch. It’s super lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for longer periods.

There are also three available length sizes to cater to any wrist: 7.48 inches, 8.27 inches, and 9.06 inches.

Whether you’re wearing this as an everyday accessory or as a finishing touch to a formal outfit, this Gold and Silver Double Layer Men's Leather Bracelet is a statement piece that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. Make it your accessory, and purchase one now.

Color Black, Silver, Gold
Materials Pendant/Beads: 316L Stainless Steel
Chain: Leather
Length 7.48 inches, 8.27 inches, 9.06 inches
Design and Style Two leather bracelets joined together with stainless steel elements