Infinity Zirconic Crystal Bracelet

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When forever's not enough, then perhaps a bracelet with multiple infinity symbols should suffice. Give this Infinity Zirconic Crystal Bracelet to your loved one and let her feel your endless love and endearment.

There are moments when we feel an overflowing amount of love towards a person, so much that you feel like it will last for more than a lifetime. If you're looking for a simple yet elegant way of expressing this infinite flow of deep affection, then you've come to the right page. This Infinity Zirconic Crystal Bracelet doesn't just have one, but four infinity symbols chained together. Made of highly-polished metal, this dainty bracelet also has an adjustable pull-string closure for an added versatility. This type of lock allows the size to be adjusted to fit a wrist that measures four inches up to ten inches, it can even be worn as an anklet. To accentuate this ravishing accessory, there are four infinity symbols found at the center. These symbols look sparkly and elegant, thanks to the tiny cubic zirconia stones strewn throughout each symbol. The charms measure 2.20 inches long altogether, all of them measure 0.20 inch wide. They even come in three different colors, white gold, rose gold and champagne gold.

To keep this bracelet's shining, shimmering beauty, avoid sleeping with this still around your wrist. It is also not advisable to take a shower or wash your hands while wearing this bracelet. This is because moisture can accelerate the tarnishing of metal. It can also be scratched even by abrasive cloth, so be aware of the objects it gets contact with. Wipe it with a smooth, soft cloth which will not scratch its gleaming surface.

Let your special someone feel that your love is here to stay by giving this Infinity Zirconic Crystal Bracelet as a gift, even when there's no occasion at all. Hurry and add this to your cart now!

Color Rose Gold / White Gold / Champagne Gold
Materials Brass and Cubic Zirconia
Length 4 to 10 inches
Design and Style Box chain bracelet with four infinity symbols and adjustable pull-string closure