Jazz guitar SG type LP guitar tremolo pull string

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  1. Made of high quality copper, sturdy, durable and comfortable for you to use.
  2. Professional guitar players can DIY with it and it can be used as replacement part for electric guitars.
  3. The handle can be rotated and adjusted to most comfortable angle for you.
  4. Easy to use, just pull the handle to achieve the shock effect when playing.
  5. Great guitar?vibrato for guitar loves, suitable for SG LP Jazz Guitars.



Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Copper

Weight: Approx. 472-481g / 16.6-17.0oz

Handle Length: Approx. 150mm / 5.9in

Optional Color: Gold, Silver, Black


Package list:

1 * Tremolo

1 * Spring

4 * Screw

1 * Ferrule