Joyo JF-34 US Dream Distortion Guitar Pedal

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1. Simulate the high-gain distortion sound of the tube speaker, let your sound-removal speaker have a distortion channel. 
2. True bypass design. With high gain distortion, volume, distortion and tone knobs.
3. Rugged heavy-duty housing, durable jack and foot switch.
4. If you purchase this product, you will get the effect device cable, step-on-nail cap, and plectrum.
5. Excellent quality and durability.

Model: JF-34
Product: Electric Guitar Effect Device
Material: Plastic+Metal
Suitable: for Guitar Enthusiast
Size: Approx. 11.80*6.20*5.60cm/4.65*2.44*2.44in

Package List:
1 * Electric Guitar Effect Device
1 * Connection Cable
2 * step-on-nail cap
3 * 1.2mm Plectrum
1 * User Manual