KOKKO FVB2 Mini Guitar Effect Pedal

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EFFECTS - Traditional vibrato effect. True bypass.
EASY TO CONTROL - Ramp knob controls the switching time of different speed; A single footswitch is smartly designed to switch effects and speed.
LED INDICATOR ¨C LED indicator shows the status of effect. No battery, Powered by AC adapter(not included).
ANTI SKID - Rubber pads on the backside is anti-skid, which enhances the stability and avoids friction.
REALIABLE QUALITY - High quality by aluminum alloy which is durable and have a classic mini size brings you a musical feast.
True bypass design-minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal

Mini tremolo effect pedal with true bypass.
RATE knob adjusts sweep rate of vibrato effect.
RAMP knob for setting the attack time of vibrato effect.
DEPTH knob controls the intensity of the vibrato effect.
ON/OFF LED light for indicating effects or bypass status.

Brand: KOKKO
Model: FVB2
Material: Aluminum
Color: Blue
Size: 90*40*33mm