"Velvet" Bracelet Set


These Sodalite Semi Precious Multi Color Beads and TigerEye Beads Will add a stunning effect to your wrist. The speckled effect will add the last touch of style to your look.
wearing our natural beads bracelet alone on your wrist, or with your timepiece to add depth to your wrist. 

* Black Agate natural beads
* 100% strong string
* Micro pave zircons
* Crafted 18k Gold plated crown.

 With every bracelet you purchase you get:

  • Extra replacement beads.
  • Extra replacement string.
  • Vovilo jewelry box.
  • Vovilo silk jewelry bag.

All our jewelry is handmade, with natural beads.
When you buy our handmade jewelry's you have our word for the best service, price, and qualitySatisfaction Guaranteed