K380E Multifunction Rechargeable Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver (Biggest Discount Today Only )

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  1. Guitar transmitter has screen, volume adjustment push-pull button and D3 5 output jack
  2. Built-in amplifier, it can be connected to guitar or wired headphone output.
  3. Especially suitable for band rehearsal before the performance or personal warm-up
  4. Built-in lithium battery, with USB charging port, full battery life up to 5 hours and with corresponding charging, low power indicator.
  5. Suitable for bakelite guitars, bakelite guitars with pickups, etc



Condition: 100% Brand New

Item: Guitar Transmitter Receiver


Package List:

1 * Guitar Transmitter

1 * Guitar Receiver

1 * USB Cable

1 * Box

1 * User Manual