Pendant "Sacred Symbol and Lava Stone" Essential Oil Diffuser - 7 symbols available

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With our Pendant "Sacred Symbol and Lava Stone" Essential Oil Diffuser, enjoy the scents and benefits of essential oils wherever you are (at work, in examination, in the car ...) and this while remaining elegant and feminine.

No need to bother with a bulky diffuser to enjoy the sweet fragrances of essential oils, you can now simply wear your diffuser around your neck.

Choose the symbol that resonates the most with you.

Inside the pendant, you will find a Natural Lava Stone.

Lava Stone is a powerful stone of eruptive or magmatic origin, it has an important magnetic energy that will influence your body. It is a porous stone, you can benefit from the benefits of aromatherapy by adding a few drops of essential oil on the stone to perfume them.

Also, for those who wish, you can replace your Lava Stone with a mini felt ball.


Characteristics :

Materials: copper, stainless steel, lava stone
Pendant dimensions: 20 to 30 mm
Diameter of the lava stone: about 14 to 16 mm
Diameter of the felt balls: 16 mm
Length: about 70cm