Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet

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Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet

Improve your overall health with this Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet!

Made of hematite, this powerful magnetic bracelet is great for arthritis, pain relief, and more!


❤️ Hematite for Improved Blood Circulation ❤️

Hematite is a magnetic stone known for its health benefits. Since ancient times, hematite magnetic therapy is used to improve one’s overall health. Magnetic therapy works by drawing blood where you place the stone, improving blood circulation.

Blood circulation is essential to maintain a healthy body. This led to the notion that wearing magnetized jewelry like the magnetic hematite wellness bracelet may:

  • Release toxins
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease pain
  • Promote relaxation
  • Promote peaceful sleep
  • Promote positive thinking


Wear a magnetic bracelet and harness its therapeutic effects! Don’t forget to grab some hematite metal magnetic therapy bracelets for everyone in the family!


How Do Magnetic Therapy Bracelets Work?

When the body’s natural magnetic fields are thrown out of balance, they cause certain problems in one’s health. Hematite magnetic therapy works by realigning those magnetic fields in the body. By using magnetized jewelry, it draws blood where you place it, producing a calming effect on the muscles and tissues in that region. This puts the body in the best environment possible for it to heal itself, making hematite bracelet great for arthritis and pain relief.


MAIN FUNCTION: Hematite to improve blood circulation


  • Item Type: Magnetic Bracelet
  • Material: Hematite
  • Length: 8.26” (209.8mm, adjustable)
  • Diameter: 2.16” (55mm)
  • Gender: Unisex


Rainbow Magnetic Hematite Wellness Bracelet


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