Saxophone Cleaning Care Kit

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  • Neck strap is strong, durable, as well as comfortable to wear.
  • The pair of gloves are clean and tidy, in case your hands get dirty when you clean them.
  • Passing cloth is easy to clean, saving your time and is very efficient.
  • Three-dimensional cloth will strengthen the cleaning function, cleanliness is no longer a problem.
  • Brush head cloth with brush head design is easier to remove dirt.
  • Tip head brush is used to easily clean the mouthpiece head.
Condition: Brand New
Material: Nylon, Plastic
Color: As Shown
Weight: Approx. 133g
Package List:
1 * Neck strap
1 * Pair Gloves
1 * Passing Cloth
1 * Three-dimensional Cloth
1 * Brush Head Cloth
1 * Tip Head Brush