Temperature Difference Self Stirring Mug

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👉👉Add Hot Water, Stir Automatically👈👈

Creative thinking, flat design, wonderful operation experience! Just need a cup of hot water and a MIX cup to easily stir, free your hands, you can do other things while waiting for the mixing, saving time, efficient and convenient!

Are you also like me, affecting life every day for these mixing problems? Now, you will have a magical mixing cup to help you solve these problems, and say goodbye to these troubles.


  • Heat energy mixing black technology can be automatically stirred by pouring hot water, no need to plug in the battery, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Physical cooling, 3 minutes 85 ° C hot water rapid cooling to about 55 ° C
  • Physical insulation, energy absorption and heat storage, reverse compensation temperature in low temperature environment
  • The whole machine is waterproof and can be washed with confidence.
  • External simplicity, strong inner core