Brown Triple Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Would you like to have a versatile bracelet that can be worn in different and fun ways? This Brown Triple Leather Wrap Bracelet is an accessory you’ll never want to part with.

It’s a stylish wrap-around bracelet made of quality leather rope embellished with gold color metal beads and Indian Agate beads. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trendy accessory that also provides holistic healing? Known as the “stone of eternity”, Indian Agate is valued for its power to block the fear of aging. And, if you’re sick and tired of being friends with stress, the Indian Agate’s vibration will bring peace and tranquility. It’s a great protection as well because it wards off bad luck and misfortune.

These beautiful cut-out beads from Agate have mixed colors, but green is the dominant color which spells abundance. So, while it drives away bad luck, it boosts enthusiasm, interest, and focus. These are key ingredients to achieving success.

To put this triple layer mala bracelet on your wrist, hold the button on the palm of your hands with your fingers while your other hand wraps the band around your wrist three times. Push the button through the loop/hole once you find the perfect fit. You may have to cut the excess leather if you don’t like an extra-long leather rope hanging from your wrist.

Because it’s 20 inches in length, you can use it as a boho headband perfect for that Bohemian look you desire. Need an armband? No problem! Just wrap it around your arm. If you want to give attention to one of your ankles, then go ahead and put this on. It's an instant anklet that will draw attention to your beautiful feet!

It's a perfect gift for yourself. Show off your sense of style by creatively using a single piece of accessory.

Color Multi-Color
Materials Leather, Indian Agate, Alloy
Length 20 inches + 3 inches
Design and Style Triple-layer mala bracelet with Indian Agate Beads