Wolf Head Men's Leather Bracelet

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Exude with masculine confidence like the Vikings with the Wolf Head Men’s Leather Bracelet. Handcrafted only for men as brave and as fearless as the historical pirates of Scandinavia.

It’s a versatile male bracelet that will go well with punk rock or gothic style. You can also match it with any of your casual outfits. The bracelet has two main parts: the braided leather strap and two wolf heads biting a ring as the centerpiece. The leather is smooth to the touch and won’t irritate your skin. The wolf heads are cast from Tibetan silver, a durable, rust-proof metal. This metal has no traces of lead or nickel, which only means you won’t have to worry about skin allergies.

If you’re wondering how to wear it and keep it secure around your wrist, allow us to satisfy your curiosity. Its clasp is well integrated into the design in order not to cause any interruption in the flow of its magnificent appearance. The ring clasped by the wolves’ jaws serves as the closure. Look for the split of the ring, then pull both sides, and it will open. Place the bracelet on your wrist, then loop the ring into the jaws and push both ends of the ring to put them back together. It’s that simple!

This Viking-inspired bracelet features Fenrir, a giant wolf feared by the gods because of its phenomenal, unstoppable growth. Ferocious, invincible, and extremely strong, this beast became a devourer of gods. No wonder the Vikings used Fenrir as a recurring motif and design in their armor and weapons. They wanted to cast fear whoever saw them approaching.

A bracelet bearing the heads of a beast, it creates a vibe of ferocity that will make your rivals squirm with panic. Buy yours now!

Color Silver, Black
Materials Leather, Tibetan Silver
Length 7.48 inches
Design and Style Braided leather bracelet with two wolf heads biting a ring